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Why We Exist...

It's about relationships

hc3 Medical Marketing was created to address a growing need in the medical community among private practices that traditionally do not have the financial or personnel resources to employ a fulltime practice liaison to develop and execute a practice plan. We take that role on for you.

Your practice will share our services and abilities with other non-competing practices that require similar services from hc3. Our fee structure was developed with this in you the valuable asset of practice liaison marketing at approximately 1/4 of the cost of a fulltime on staff liaison.

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What We Do

hc3 Medical Marketing will develop a strategic practice relations marketing plan for your circumstances after a complete assessment of practice competencies and liabilities. Upon completion of the plan we will begin to approach our target referral source with “boots on the ground” old fashioned in the trenches face to face relationship building. Each touch point with a target source will be documented with action notes and follow up scheduled. You will receive bi-weekly activity reports from hc3 to keep you up to date.

What's In It For You

We build relationships that increase your referral network, increase patient procedures, increase patient volume, improved community visibility and most importantly, grow practice revenues.

What to Expect

hc3 Medical Marketing cannot guarantee outcomes and time frames. However, industry results have indicated a practice can expect a 12% - 15% increase in revenues with a fully executed practice liaison marketing plan over twelve months. Ramp up will take time as it requires building a relationship of trust and confidence in the practice with our referral source. Industry trends have shown that it requires 3-4 touch points before a referral source begins to consider referring. The real magic begins to happen after 7 - 8 touch points...we strive for early adopters!

About Me

I am a relationship builder who wants to take work off your hands. Busy physicians and practice management can't be everywhere at once. That's why you need me as your practice liaison.

It's my job to help you succeed.

Laura Howington Cooper is a passionate entrepreneur who uses her experience and talent to encourage a focus on wellness instead of simply treating disease. A native of Atlanta, GA, Laura was inspired from personal experience to ask questions and push for better solutions.


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